Disciple Training School

The Disciple Training School is a 10-days course

that will launch you into a whole new life

and prepare you for continuing at home and

elsewhere in the world!

It  consists of teaching; discipleship and spreading the Gospel; 

going to the streets and healing the sick; casting out demons;

baptizing in water and Holy Spirit; travel and more.

You will be taught the word of God with hands on training

for preaching the gospel, healing the sick, 

leading people to salvation, and so on.

We also will have guest speakers and teachers

from around the world who already

are seeing the fruits of a discipleship lifestyle.

     PTS School   

Disciple School


2020 - From 24th August to 2nd of September

Connect with us to have infos


Olivier & Jolyane Buades,

Marc Daigneault and team

Prices as follows:

Single $425

Married Couple $825

Children (up to 8 years) Contact us


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